High Content Analysis

Thermo SP-WorkCell Robot

The Thermo SP-WorkCell robotic workstation has been configured to perform double-immunofluorescence staining on forty 384-well tissue culture plates in 8 hours.

The unit has been customized to fulfill biosafety level 2 requirements enabling its use with many biologically relevant cell and virus types. The system is kept under partial vacuum with HEPA filtering of the air going in and coming.

The system integrates a Thermo-CRS VAL 3-axis robot; a Hamilton Starlet with 96-tip and variable-span 8 tip heads; two ThermoFisher Multidrop Combi dispensers and two BioTek plate washers.

The system is also used for transfection, tissue culture and application of chemical or siRNA libraries to 384-well screening plates.

Custom compound or siRNA reagent plates can also be generated in its HEPA filtered environment.

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Streaming movie of the SP-WorkCell adding cells to a 384-well plate.